Wedding Dress Tips – What You Should Consider

Are you about to get married? For most women, this is the day that they’ve been planning for since they were young girls. If you feel the same, then it’s understandable why you’re out seeking advice, help and support to make your dream wedding a reality.

Let’s face it. When it comes to wedding dress, most men just can’t seem to understand the importance of picking the perfect wedding dress. True, you’re only going to be wearing that gown once in your life, and your groom may still feel the inclination to tie the knot even if you showed up dressed in a potato sack, but you very well know that one of the most important days of your life merits an exceptionally special dress.

Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

There are so many wedding details that you need to take care of, but it’s equally important that you take the time to find the perfect wedding gown for you. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of wedding dress tips for how you can look your best on your wedding day.

Tip 1: Is constantly going to your groom for tips getting you down? Find a female friend or relative who will gladly accompany you on your trips to the bridal shop.

Unless your groom is female fashion-savvy, he’s not going to be much help when you ask him about the perfect wedding dress collar or neckline for you. Find a female companion or companions that you trust enough for second and third opinions.

Tip 2: Set a budget, and try to follow it.

Wedding dress budgets are hardly ever exact. You may need to spend more or you might end up spending less than you expected. The point is having a budget in mind can help you control the urge to splurge on your very special dress. Try your hardest to follow your dress budget, and pray that you find a great wedding dress bargain that will make your groom proud.

Tip 3: Consider the color of your gown.

You can stick with tradition and go for white, but if you want to add some color to your gown, then by all means, find the perfect color for you. Today, a number of modern brides are choosing colored wedding dresses instead of plain white ones. Stand out in the sea of white-clad brides by going for an eye-popping color.

You may want to take the season into consideration when picking out your wedding dress color, or you can simply go for what flatters your complexion best. Also be prepared for possible adverse reactions from your traditional guests. Console yourself with the thought that it’s your wedding, and you can wear blue or even black if you want to.

Tip 4: Find the right wedding dress length.

Yes, wedding gowns can be short or long depending on the type of ceremony you’re having and where you’re planning on having it. There’s a very basic rule when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress length, and it’s to base your dress length on how formal the ceremony is.

If you’re having a formal ceremony, then floor-length is the way to go. If it’s an ultra-formal wedding, then you may want to add a cathedral train to your dress. For informal weddings, you can choose the hemline that flatters you best.

Short, or at least shorter wedding dresses are advised for casual and outdoor weddings for practical reasons. You don’t want to get mud, twigs, leaves or sand on your floor-length designer wedding dress, right?

Tip 5: Pick the appropriate and the most flattering sleeve-length and style for your dress.

By appropriate, we’re merely reminding you that a winter wedding may not be the best time to go for a halter, plunging and backless number unless you’re planning on wearing over clothes.

If you’re feeling conscious about your arms or your shoulders, then you might want to keep those problem areas covered. There are numerous sleeve styles and sleeve lengths to choose from; simply pick the one that fits the occasion best while making you feel pretty and comfortable in your dress.

Tip 6: Know the importance of finding the right skirt style and dress shape for your body.

Much like wedding dresses, brides come in different shapes and sizes. Take into consideration your physical assets, your overall body shape and your problem areas when making your choice of skirt style and dress shape.

For example, if you’re shaped like an inverted triangle, with prominent shoulders and small hips, then a ball gown would balance your proportions creating the perfect silhouette and hourglass figure.

Tip 7: Determining the best neckline for you.

Your wedding gown’s neckline can definitely affect your gown’s overall appearance. You have numerous neckline options, but it’s all a matter of finding the most suitable and flattering neckline for your frame.

Remember, in the same way that you need to take your assets, body shape and problem areas into consideration when picking out dress shapes and skirt styles, you also need to look at these factors when choosing your wedding dress neckline.

If you’re planning on showing off your arms, your beautiful shoulders and pronounced collar bones, and you have an ample bosom to pull off the look, then the strapless gown is an excellent neckline choice. If you tend towards the flat side, then you can enhance your bust area with a bateau neckline.

Tip 8: Look for the right fabric.

A pure satin ball gown would not stand on its own without layers of tulle under it or hoops built into the dress. Your choice of fabric could directly affect your gown’s overall look. If you tend to be uncomfortable or if you tend to feel itchy when you’re wearing crisp and net-like fabrics, then go for the breezy and lightweight ones.

There are so many different fabrics to choose from. A way to familiarize yourself with these fabrics is to ask your wedding planner or the bridal boutique owner to help you distinguish between the different fabric types available.

Tip 9: Decide on whether or not you want or need a wedding train.

A wedding train means extra-fabric and detailing, which translates to paying more for your wedding dress. Unless your wedding is ultra-formal, you’re not going to need a train.

If your heart is set on having a train that trails gracefully behind you, then pick your train length based on practicality. Your wedding train can decrease your mobility, making it difficult to maneuver between chairs and tables during the reception. A detachable wedding train is most advisable if you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing and walking after the actual wedding ceremony.

Tip 10: Be Wary of wedding gown sizing and necessary alterations.

You’ll find out more about this when you actually head to the bridal boutique to be measured.

You may already know your actual size, but don’t be too surprised if they tell you that you’re a size or two bigger than you thought.

This is not to say that they have faulty sizing charts; it only means that wedding dress boutiques and high street shops have a different way of determining your dress size. Your dress size is based on your body’s largest dimension.

If you have prominent hips and a smaller bust area, then your wedding dress size will be based on your hip size.

Once you get your wedding gown, you need to check if alterations need to be made for a perfect fit. Most brides find that alterations are necessary to get the size right. Ask the boutique or shop owner for estimates on how much you’re going to have to pay for dress alterations to determine if you’re getting a great bargain or a rotten deal.

Tip 11: If you think your dress needs that extra sparkle and glam then go for some decorations and embellishments.

Wedding dress embellishments and decorations have one special purpose, and that’s to bring something extra to your gown.

Additional decorations and embellishments are a great way of making your dress even more unique and fashionable.

A basic gown would look great with additional beading and perhaps some embroidery. If you want a more feminine gown, then adding a bow, some ribbons or three-dimensional flowers can give your dress the boost needed to make it an amazing and personalized wedding dress.

Find a great seamstress or wedding dress designer to help you pick out the right detailing for your gown.

Tip 12: Decide if you need over clothes for your wedding gown.

If you’re having a winter wedding, and your heart is set on a strapless, A-Line, princess dress, then a great coat or bolero will help you keep warm during the wedding ceremony.Keep in mind that there are also some churches that require brides to wear modest attire for the ceremony. Rayon fringed shawls and floor-length feathered coats are excellent ways of keeping covered during the actual ceremony.On your way to your reception, simply slip out of these over clothes to show the full beauty of your wedding gown.

Want to Buy a Wedding Dress Online? Savvy Pointers to Find The Perfect Gown

You are finally settling down and the crowning moment is in the offing; your wedding day is coming. A wedding is a crucial signal and event that ushers in marriage life. All brides are excused for panicking at the thought of planning a wedding. However, it is good to take a deep breath and then plan properly. The most important bridal component of any wedding is a wedding dress. The perfect wedding gown can really make or break the wedding. In this case, choosing your dress wisely is the way to go. Shopping at bridal stores is great and after trying several stores with little success, it is good to widen your search. Consider buying your wedding dress online. Can you get the ideal gown online? This is the all important question; and the simple answer is, yes. However, you have to know what to look for and how to do it. This article empowers every bride with worthy tips to find the perfect wedding gown over the Internet.

Why are white wedding gowns so popular?

The wedding dress or attire will solely depend on culture and religion of the individuals getting married. However, western cultures and Christian circles have made the white wedding dress iconic. The white dress for weddings was notably popularized in the 19th century by Queen Victoria. As a result, weddings that feature a white bridal dress are referred to as white weddings. Before Queen Victoria’s wedding, brides used to wear all manner of gowns in an assortment of colors ranging from yellow to black and brown. After Prince Albert and the queen tied the knot, the white wedding gown became the gold standard. The elite found a new way to showcase both affluence and social status. Some cultures will choose celebratory colors like red for their wedding gowns; this is more common in eastern cultures.

African traditional cultures also have their own wedding attire for the bride. Some of these cultures are still thriving while being overshadowed by the prominence of the white wedding. Therefore, the bridal gown has a deeper meaning than meets the eye. This dress must be perfect as a symbol of unity, love, happiness, status; among others. In the 21st century, buying the right gown for your wedding has been made easier. With endless online bridal stores, you can remotely select the gown that pleases you most.

What are the benefits of buying a wedding dress online?

– Buying online can save you money compared to buying offline. It is easier to compare prices and choose one that will suit your budget most.

– Online, you get access to a wide gallery of dresses. The huge inventory of dresses cannot come close to the stock you find at a local offline store. With more variety and choices, the more your chances of finding the perfect dress for your wedding.

– Online, you can buy dresses that are abroad or in other states or cities. This literally removes the physical boundaries that limit you.

– On the Internet, you get access to all manner of offers and promotions. This way, you can cut the overall cost of your wedding gown.

– Buying this way is also simple and can be done by anybody. All you need is an Internet connection and follow the checkout steps provided. This convenience is time-saving and requires little follow up on your part.

– You can read user reviews before buying your wedding dress online. In fact, you can read in-depth product information before you make an informed decision. A brick and mortar store will not give you unlimited access to such buying guides and resources.

– Buying your wedding gown is safe and secure. This is because you can use third party payment systems that safeguard your interest. This way, you only pay for the dress when you are happy with the quality of the dress.

– If you have a very busy schedule, looking for a wedding gown online can be a savior. This is because you do not have to leave the convenience of your space. You can shop for the ideal dress right where you are.

– You can buy a brand new, used or pre owned wedding dress online.

Downsides of buying a wedding dress online

– If you do not do follow the right steps, you can get a poor quality dress

– Some online retailers are not trustworthy and may misrepresent the products sold

The types of wedding gowns available online

Knowing the kinds of dresses available online will give you an idea of what to expect. In addition, you will get to choose the dress that suits you. These gowns come in many designs or silhouettes. This refers to the style of the skirt – the part between the waist and the toes. There are 8 most common silhouettes and they all suit different body types. Below is an insight;

1. Mermaid gowns

This is a very fitted style that hugs the body showcasing the hips and chest. Then, it tends to flare out at the knees to the hemline. This silhouette is more fitted than the trumpet design. This wedding dress is excellent if you are going for a very sexy look. Therefore, you must be comfortable to show off some curves. Brides with fuller figures may not feel very confident with this gown style. Slender brides and those who have a trim waistline can pull it off perfectly. If you are fully confident to show off your curves, this is definitely a good option. If you are insecure about your stomach size; there are better options for you.

2. Trumpet gowns

This gown will have a bell or trumpet shape. It flares out just below the hips and creates a wide skirt that adds volume. If you are looking for something that is not as fitted as the mermaid, this is the best option. Again, it will highlight the waist and showcase your chest. Therefore, brides who are slender or those with an hour glass figure can find this style ideal.

3. Sheath gowns

This is also referred to as the column style. It gently highlights or contours the entire body. This is a great option for petite brides who are looking for that elongated effect. If you have a large lower body, this gown style may not be for you. Full and boxy figures will need to highlight their waist further to make this dress flattery.

4. Ballgowns

If you are looking for a dramatic skirt, the ballgown is ideal. If features a well fitted bodice and a very full skirt. For brides who are pear-shaped, this is the right way to hide some flaws. However, it works very well with slimmer figures as well. Those who have full busts will find that this gown creates an hour glass figure. There is great emphasis on the waistline.

5. A-line gowns

This dress will flow from the bodice creating an A shape. This is a classic style used to show simplicity. It works for a variety of brides ranging from slender to those with wider busts. It can hide the flaws of the lower body and with modifications, it can be the perfect style for any bride.

6. Empire line gowns

The waistline in this silhouette will be raised sitting just below the bust. The dress then flows to the hem making it a perfect pick for pear-shaped brides. This design works great for brides who have a smaller bust. Pregnant brides can also pull off this dress because it leaves a good allowance for the belly. It is a versatile gown and can accommodate different necklines and bead work to add to the overall appeal and style.

7. Tea-length gowns

These are shorter gowns that do not go past the ankles. They also tend to go past the knees. These gowns are great for all body shapes.

8. Mini gowns

The skirt will fall above the knee and does not suit plus size brides. The gown will be simple for casual or informal weddings.

Top tips for buying your wedding dress online

– Accurate measurements of your body are paramount

The three major components of your measurements include you hips, waist and bust. Know your fit and provide some room if you are planning to lose or gain weight. Shop at an online store that provides a comprehensive guide on measurements and fit.

– Details about the dress fabrics are critical

The online space does not give you the luxury of touching various fabrics. To this end, know your fabrics. Some will stretch while others will be stiff. If you are looking for lace, know the type of lace used. Embellishments such as beading should also be considered keenly. Known the exact materials and add-ons used to make the wedding gown.

– In-depth product specification is key

The features of the dress must be provided in detail. For example, know the silhouette, neckline, fabrics; among others. Some dresses will have modifications and you must get all this information. Here, you will get to know whether the dress has a full lining or not. Shear fabrics that are see-through can be tricky and it is hard to tell while shopping online. If you want a fully lined gown, make inquiries and get what suits you best.

– Know your wedding gown color of choice

If you are not a traditional bride, you can choose all manner of shades from ivory to gold and pale pink. Because you do not want surprises upon delivery, be very clear on the color you want. If you prefer a snow-white gown, confirm this to be the case. Off-white options are many for those who like to explore.

– Consider all silhouettes and have an open mind

Different styles will suit different body types. However, this does not mean that the rules are cast in stone. Explore other designs and uncover gowns that might work even better for your big day.

– Read some wedding gown reviews

Online, you can search for user reviews and see how the gowns look like. Searching social tags will give you the right results. See how other brides wore the dress before making your decision.

– Get familiar with the store terms and policies

Know the return policies of the online store first. Also, consider whether they use third party escrow systems. This is where you use a company that acts as a buffer for your purchase. When you get the dress and like it, the money is released to the store and everyone is happy.

– Know the cost and duration of shipping

Factor in the extra shipping costs in your budget. Also, consider the waiting time for your dress. A wedding dress should be ordered well in advance to avert a possible crisis.

Whether you are buying a new or a used wedding dress, there are so many online platforms to find your perfect dress.

Where can you buy a wedding gown online?

From your local online retailer to national online sellers, finding the right dress is very easy. You can buy based on your budget and style needs. For affordable dresses, consider sellers like Reformation, Floravere, ASOS; the list is endless. A quick online search in your area and beyond should give you what you are looking for.

Wedding on a Budget

A wedding is one of the most important things in a person’s life. The proposal is made, accepted and the date is set. Suddenly one is hit with questions regarding the place, the dress, the flowers, the invitations, the reception, and most of all THE COST.

It is beautiful to see, in various magazines and on television, weddings that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, everyone does not have that kind of money. This does not mean that those with limited funds cannot have something just as beautiful on ‘their day.’

To begin with one must make a list, starting with the most important aspect; the total amount available to spend. Once that is established one can proceed. Let’s say the budget is $1200.00 (it can be less). There is no desire to elope to Nevada for a “quickie” wedding which will leave none of the beautiful memories one wishes to have for the rest of their lives.

In breaking down to the bare essentials (and yet retaining elegance) following are suggestions for making this the highlight of your life.

o Wedding location (consider the following locations)
o The family yard. Question – is it large enough? Would it be possible to put up an arbor and decorate it? This would require renting chairs for guests. Cost: Depending on cost of chair rentals.
o Church. Question – do you have a family church? Cost: Ascertain what the cost is. If too much revert to the previous alternative, if possible or ask a family friend if you can use their yard. Above all, check around.
o Local Hall. Cost: Varies, so it pays to check around.

o Minister. Cost: Some ministers charge a certain amount, others accept a donation. This should be worked out ahead of time. If you don’t have a regular minister, use the phone book and ask.

o Wedding Dress. Question – is it really important to have an expensive dress that costs hundreds of dollars to wear one day? Cost: Depends on you. Suggestions:
o Goodwill and many thrift stores have beautiful gowns, worn once, price $50- $100.
o Re-sale shops – price varies but very reasonable.
o Craig’s list on the internet – some are even given away for free if you’re upfront about your need.

o Flowers. Cost: Can be zero if you raid your parents and friends homes. Some decorate with artificial flowers, available at the dollar store for $1.00 per bouquet. Lots of vines can be used to add to the decorations as well as paper streamers. The bride’s bouquet can be put together by a talented friend or can be made rather inexpensively at a retail store flower department.

o Invitations. Cost: Can be inexpensive if you design your own or check the internet for ideas and then have them copied at an office supply store. These can be printed on special paper and look very elegant. Many people today are also printing their own using vellum paper you can get at Wal-Mart.

o Reception. Cost: This is where you can call on your family and friends. Decide on the menu and then assign each a portion to prepare. You should provide any drinks, but it will be cheaper if you don’t include alcohol. You will no doubt have the cost of renting tables if held at home. If renting a hall or using a church there should be an area for this purpose. If having the wedding at home then a portion of the yard can be set up and work very nicely.

o Cake. Cost: Anyone watching the internet cooking contests can see how beautifully cakes can be made. If there is anyone in your family or a friend who is talented in this area now is the time to enlist their help. A wedding cake from the bakery can cost over $100 but, again, shop around.

o Music. Cost: If you know someone who plays and/or sings it is a plus. A small gratuity is usually given if it is not a close friend. A disc player can always be used and operated by a friend, as well. Speakers go a long way to making a radio sound big and are often available at the thrift stores for almost nothing.

It is hoped this article has been of assistance for your wedding on a budget and best wishes for a beautiful and happy marriage.

My Quick And Easy List Of Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

In a previous article I mentioned that you could Google just about anywhere and get a list cheap wedding ideas. Well this is one of those articles and one of those lists. I will write the first 10 things that come to my head (which probably means I think about them the most). I will add to them later, but for now here is my quick and easy list of cheap wedding reception ideas, brainstorming style!

avoid buying things labeled as “wedding”. As an example “wedding private dance lessons” could be $200 per hour. But go to a ballroom studio for “ballroom private lessons” and you may only pay $80 to $100. That’s a 50% discount. If you are able to apply that to EVERYTHING then your wedding budget just got cut in half.
shop for flowers in season. Avoid costly flowers not in season
keep it simple. cakes, wedding dresses, wedding favors.
simplify your menu. Eliminating a course or a choice can trim a bit. People will remember more how good the food tastes then what was actually served. Quality over quantity. So you may not want the steak or shrimp over chicken. (GO TO FOOD TASTINGS!)
borrow or barter. can you borrow a fancy sports car for transportation? if you own your own business (like website design) can you barter with a wedding vendor?
Google “wholesale”. wholesale flowers, wholesale wedding favors, wholesale florists to go for cheap wedding flowers.
book a year or more in advance. You can nail down this year’s prices for next year’s wedding
buy online, especially at eBay
buy last season’s dress (April-May or October-November) which should be a cheap wedding dress compared to this year’s models
booking off-season
booking off-day (not Saturday)
booking off-time (not evening). Some of my friends hold Saturday brunch weddings. With the right elegant setting it can be quite fabulous!
for your photographer, get the negatives or cd of original images, no need to purchase prints or photo books. If you’re going to cut costs on your photographer, better to pay for high quality originals with no photos then lower quality originals and lots of prints.
buy a non-wedding cake that is three layers instead of a “wedding” cake
donate and write off (flowers, dresses, musicians who are non-profit, churches that are non-profit, venues that are non-profit)

Okay I lied and went to fifteen cheap wedding reception ideas instead of the previously mentioned ten. I will write some more in the future.

The final idea, because I think it is just darn awesome, is from Erica Yoon’s Amazing Wedding Planning. And it has to do with the honeymoon:

“If you want a fun, exciting and cheap honeymoon, go to Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’ve heard about all the cheap gourmet food and services, I can tell you that it’s true. I happen to live just outside of Las Vegas, and it has so many gourmet foods and services that I love to jump in the car and hit the buffets for dinner.”

If you think about it, it’s not a bad idea. You are saving money on your honeymoon which frees up some money for the budget.

I hope you got a lot out of these cheap wedding reception ideas, and that you were able to take at least one of them away to save you some money!

Congratulations and happy wedding planning!

Trash the Dress – After the Gown Has Gone

Ask any bride and they will undoubtedly tell you the same thing – the dress has to be right. It will come as no surprise then to learn that on average, a bride will happily part with $1,500 for that perfect gown. Once upon a time this was seen as an investment, especially if one was honoring the tradition of passing this dress down through the family, but this no longer seems the popular choice.

Back in 2001 John Michael Cooper had an idea. Bored with the repetition of his many wedding assignments, he persuaded some rather daring and possibly inebriated couples to change location from that idyllic sunset beach and blossoming garden, and instead set the stage in gritty locations around Nevada. His inspiration was no different to that of the fashion photography world, where an outfit is contrasted with grotesque surroundings to shock the audience into wanting more.

He would soon find himself inspiring photographers and couples the world over in a phenomenon now known as ‘Trash the Dress’.

The concept is a total reversal of traditional nuptial habits. The legacy of the dress starts long before the big day but often ends even before the honeymoon hangover has chance to kick in. The bride gets to have a day of pampering in mud with all eyes on her beautiful Austin Scarlett dress whilst knee-deep in Santee Lake, San Diego.

Locations can vary from the more tame truck yards and parking lots all the way through to lakes, abandoned buildings and even the sea.

To anyone who has never witnessed a trash the dress shoot, this idea may seem completely absurd, but the combination of that crisp white dress in a state of destruction actually conjures up something totally unexpected. As photographer Mark comments, “It seems to breathe life into the over-traditionalized, stale nature of ‘the precious wedding dress’. Now brides have priceless memories to cherish that don’t get forgotten in dusty closets.”

Trash the Dress extraordinaire Frank Selmo has created vivid and powerful images which make a statement about Danielle and Micheal’s attitude to their new life together. Using outdoor scenes which seem baron or unforgiving make suggestions as to the couples’ readiness to overcome anything life wants to throw at them.

An event such as a trash the dress shoot can also be beneficial to the couple. It creates an opportunity for the blushing bride to forget her inhibitions and captures the couple in a relaxed setting, free from the formalities of the wedding reception. The free nature of such a shoot is directly reflected in the honesty of emotion in the resulting images.

Danielle, however, is quick to offer any nervous bride-to-bes a little reassurance. “For any future brides my dress is fine, there were no marks at all after the shoot. Just rinse in fresh water and dry clean.”

Helen Cunningham is an experienced writer and has been blogging and contributing to the world of journalism for nearly ten years. Credits include numerous student publications in the UK, blog entries for companies the world over and, most recently, article writing for San Diego-based company The Abbey Catering & Event Design. Her aim is to create informative yet light-hearted articles on the subjects she knows best to give friends, lovers, brides-to-be and the already committed a fresh and out-of-the-box look at the world.